The Juliard Family Story
"Faith, Courage and Survival in a Time of Trouble"

The true story of a close-knit family from Belgium who fled from the Nazis to southern France during World War II, persevered under extreme hardships and, after the war,  immigrated to the United States to start new lives.

Juliard Children, Lafont Near Vialas France (1942)
Text of the "Faith, Courage and Survival in a Time of Trouble" presentation by France Juliard Pruitt on May 8, 2003.  Sponsored by the Friends Meeting of Washington and The Washington Office of the American Friends Service Committee

The Juliard Family Photo Gallery:
 Pre-War Years in Belgium

 War Years in Southern France

Post-War Years

Dedicated to all the loving members of the extended Juliard family and all those who have faced hardships due to war.