Photos of our wonderful family.  Click on the thumbnail to expand the picture.

Our three sons Charles, Andre and Paul

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All the grand daughters making a "Monica Sandwich"

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Katie dressed as a pilgrim on Thanksgiving

Katie dressed as Pilgrim.JPG (19299 bytes)

Celebrating Bonne Maman's Birthday

Bonne Maman's birthday.JPG (51560 bytes)

All the girls at Glenn Echo Park

Kids & France at park.JPG (75306 bytes)

Cris, Nix, Tara and Sasha during their DC visit

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Bonne Maman and two familiar gypsies

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Donna and Chantal join the train ride

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Jenny feeding her Bonne Maman

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Andre, Kim, Monica and Eric

Andre & family on Alison's steps.JPG (69858 bytes)

Monica and Christina also ride the train

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Erin and Andre at Thanksgiving

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Paul shows Jenny his ball control skills

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Thanksgiving dinner at Andre's house

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Proud pickers of tomatoes from the garden

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Doting dad

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Paul and Monica play a game of Risk

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Christina & Monica as flower girls

Christina & Monica as flower girls.JPG (76268 bytes)

Tallest sunflower any of us had ever seen

Tallest sunflower on the planet.JPG (69693 bytes)

Katie, Erin and Courtney strike a stylish pose

Katie, Erin & Courtney.JPG (53644 bytes)

Katie opens presents at her big 5th birthday bash

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Ever loving cousins Jenny and Erin

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Paul sharing bedtime stories and laughs with Katie and Jenny

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Jenny already reading her favorite book

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Monica & Paul play catch in Chuck's New Basement

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Erin & Courtney near the arch at Caren's Wedding

Erin & Courtney near the arch.JPG (77544 bytes)

Jenny's infectious smile

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